At EPLA Flagship, we teach our scholars a set of core values we call CRSHH (pronounced “crush). Each letter stands for a characteristic or behavior that we develop in our scholars so they can be successful in the classroom as well as in life.

At EPLA, our scholars are:

  • Collaborative
  • Responsible
  • Smart
  • Humble
  • Hungry

Each year new scholars are placed in an advisory class that represents a major university. Throughout the year as students demonstrate our core values they are rewarded with CRSHH bucks that can be spent at the CRSHH store. Each Friday students in each grade level are recognized by their peers and their teachers. They are rewarded with a certificate, a limited edition CRSHH shirt, and an opportunity to wear jeans.

The CRSHH store is opened at the end of every quarter throughout the year for our middle school students. At the store, they can reap the rewards of demonstrating our core values with the CRSHH bucks they have accumulated throughout the quarter. Items range from:

  • Small treats and snacks
  • School supplies
  • Unique EPLA merchandise
  • Free dress passes

Scholars are encouraged to provide feedback on what they would like to have available in the CRSHH store and changes to our inventory are made whenever possible.